America and Canada Day

Working with a lot of Canadians you pick up things like saying eh? at the end of your sentences as well as learning how to ride a moose.  For Canada day I tried my best accent (it almost worked with a married Canadian woman) and wore a red maple leaf tank top.  A few days later we celebrated America day with some bbq, some jimi hendrix, a little jack daniels,  a ford explorer, and a hamburger and fries.  The 4th was one of the few days when I wish I was home to watch fireworks, bbq, and chill at the beach or on the river.  I was a little nostalgic because it was my third 4th of July in the last 4 years I have been out of the country.  Enjoy the pics.

-kimchi king


~ by kimchiking on August 6, 2009.

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