Mudfest and Monsoon Season

I think I heard about Mudfest within 24 hours of living in Korea.  It was a mythical event.  Thousands and thousands of foreigners and Koreans mixing in the wonderful mud of Korea.  Unfortunately for us, our mudfest weekend included horizontal rain and a lot of wind.  We took a packed train out to the city the festival takes place and quickly found our hotel.  We spent the day playing in the mud, but by late afternoon we were too cold to handle any more of the rain.  That night we had a traditional Korean bbq with an appetiser of “man’s meat (also known as samgapsal)” which only the guys eat before I cooked up some steak for the rest of the crew.  It was an awesome cap to a mediocre day.

On our way home that day we got a taste of what Korean Monsoon season had in store for us.  The Han River rose 8 or 9 feet in a day and was spilling over its banks and washing out a lot of the city beautification projects that were under construction along it’s banks.

-kimchi king


~ by kimchiking on August 8, 2009.

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