About us

We are three friends from college who all decided to pack up the bags, bring lots of toothpaste and deodorant, and move  to Seoul, South Korea.  Follow our adventures here…


The three of us at the strawberry festival

The three of us at a strawberry festival


4 Responses to “About us”

  1. I am interested in why the electricity bill is split by the number of rooms of a unit rather than square feet total,

    Is there no homeless problem because everyone lives with their family of origin?

    Is there a housing shortage for young people-say 20-35 years old?

    Where and why are there orphanages in this type of society?

    A classic “footd fight” is Animal House.

    In Siberia, the schools did not light the hallways, and did not have drinking fountains. The government buildings, the court house and public record buildings did not have these features either. How about south Korea?

    • 1) Every unit has the same square feet so they just assign equal costs thinking that each unit must be using the same amount of energy.
      2) There are no homeless because people live with their family of origin, and there are extensive and very affordable social services available to all.
      3) No housing shortage, women just tend to live with their parents until they marry. It is cultural.
      4) Most orphans come from unwed women. These women face intense cultural hardship as a result of having a child out without being married, and so they tend to give them up for adoption. The birth rate is very low in Korea and so the orphan rate has declined as well. I think I read somewhere there are 18,000 kids in the government system that would be considered orphans.
      5) Agree. Animal House does just about everything right.
      6) South Korea is just like America as far as lights and drinking fountains go. In fact, most businesses or government agencies have Sparkletts or Arrowhead type water dispensers for you to use free of charge.

      Hope that helps,

  2. Great sunset over your house this evening. Your mom and I spoke briefly and I mentioned I would read your blog. You look like you are having fun and learning about a culturally unique country.

    Greetings from Sunset Drive. Barbara

  3. Let us hear about cherry blossom time. is it as beautiful as shown in the books? do you have to go out of the city to see cherry blos
    soms? Do they have parks in the city?
    Are there any unusual Easter traditions in South Korea?

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